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Hey, hi, hello!

I'm a Web & App developer from the West Coast of Scotland 🌄

Here you will find a list of all my creative endeavours! 🎨👨‍💻

Tech I use: • JavaScript/ES6/React
• NodeJS/Express
• NPM/Webpack/Composer
• Bash/Git
• Electron/Cordova

Keep up to date with what I'm doing:

Bits n' Bytes

AVA The AI Take a Look

AVA The AI is an interactive chat application that uses the Web Speech API to speak and transcribe user messages. It can be used to prank not so tech savvy freinds and family into thinking they're speaking to a rather despressed sounding AI named AVA! See it in action here.

Rocket Take a Look

A screenshot of Rocket's design tool

Rocket is a collection of tools for content creators to design, collate and generate digital content!

Through the provided design tool, users can create templates and add variables to elements within them. The variables can then be exported as a CSV file and collated with new content (text / image URLs) either through the data collection tool provided or their preferred spreadsheet software. Once the user has created their templates and provided data to their CSV file they can then load them into the generator tool which will combine the CSV data with the template variables to create new content without the need to load and edit the templates individually!

Podi Take a Look

Podi is a small project built over a Sunday while learning about Podcast RSS feeds. If you're looking for a simple, easy to use podcast player and search, Podi is your best choice!

CodiPop Take a Look

CodiPop is a free and easy to use design tool for developers that love to share snippets of code on social media.

With CodiPop you can swiftly design and create eye catching code layouts that are bound to catch the attention of fellow developers and designers!

Meme Machine Take a Look

A screenshot of the Meme Machine landing page.

During Rockets development a simplified version of it called Meme Machine was created. With a few keystrokes and a couple of clicks you can create hot, off-the-press memes that are ripe for sharing on your favourite social media sites!

Petit.JS Take a Look

Petit.JS is a JavaScript library to compress and resize images on the client-side before they are uploaded to a server. The above video demonstration of it can be found here if you wish to compress and resize an image!

DYNO Text Editor Take a Look

As a massive fan of CodePen I wanted to create something similar that would run on desktop as a stand-alone application. I discovered Githubs Electron framework for creating desktop applications and got to work. The above is what was created but sadly I didn't have time to finish (maybe someday!). If you are running Windows and wish to try out the application you can download a copy of it from here!

Callout - The Drinking Game 🍻

Callout was an adult drinking game developed for the Android platform as a collaborative effort with the talented Frank McKechnie.

The game allowed users to create and record their own names and actions that would then be called out during gameplay.

There's rumour on the grapevine a second release may be on the horizon!

Stutterbox Take a Look

Stutterbox is an online speech jamming web app. Click here to find out what a speech jammer is! The workings behind speech jammers and how effective they are on people (hearing this guy turn into Forest Gump is nothing but hilarious!😂) was what sparked the idea to create a fun and pleasant interface for users to play with. At its peak popularity Stutterbox reached 60k visiters daily!

Thank you for checking out my work! 🤗